Review: Such Wicked Intent

Such Wicked Intent
Kenneth Oppel
HarperCollins Canada

In this sequel to This Dark Endeavour, Victor Frankenstein is mourning the death of his twin brother, Konrad. The dark library has been closed off and all its books burned following Victor’s failed attempt at creating the elixir of life in order to save his brother. When Victor pulls a book from the ashes of the fire, what he finds inside seems to be the answer he’s been seeking – a way to bring Konrad back from the dead. But as Victor and his friends Elizabeth and Henry travel to the spirit realm to save Konrad, what they find is far more dangerous than they expected. Will magic be enough to reunite Victor with his twin, and can he win Elizabeth’s affections even as she continues to mourn his brother?

I liked this book a lot more than the first one. As I mentioned in my review, I found that This Dark Endeavour was slow in places and had expected more action during Victor’s quest to make the elixir of life. This book was a lot more action-packed and I found it easier to get invested in the story line. I do find it a bit puzzling that every boy she encounters somehow ends up falling in love with Elizabeth given that at times she is seriously unlikable. True, Victor is often self-centred and has a tendency to scheme, but I think Elizabeth could stand to lighten up a bit. Anyway, just my opinion. I still enjoyed the book and hope to see more of Victor’s adventures.


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