Review: The Way We Fall

The Way We Fall
Megan Crewe

When Kaelyn’s best friend, Leo, leaves their small island community to go to dance school, Kaelyn doesn’t say goodbye. She’s too upset after the fight they had. But when a deadly virus breaks out and the island is quarantined, Kaelyn fears she will never see him again. Instead, she is left to watch helplessly as her friends and neighbours succumb to the symptoms of the virus. In order to survive, she must work with those who are still left standing in order to secure supplies and offer help to those who are suffering in the hopes that the virus can be stopped before it claims everyone she cares about.

I decided to read The Way We Fall, the first book in a trilogy, after hearing Megan Crewe speak at the Word on the Street. I like the fact that book is set in Eastern Canada rather than the usual big cities. Kaelyn is not only a very brave young woman, but also very compassionate. Her priorities must change quickly from worrying about fitting in at school to trying to survive and do everything she can to help those around her, which results in her changing her opinions about some of her schoolmates, including love interest Gav. Given that Kaelyn had previously had a crush on Leo, I am wondering if there will be some kind of love triangle in the second book (or maybe love square given the presences of Leo’s girlfriend, Tessa). I hope not, because it seems every YA trilogy must have a love triangle these days and I prefer the possibility of exploring Kaelyn and Leo as friends, especially since we have only seen Kaelyn’s point of view at this time. The second book will be out in February, so I will have to wait a few more months to find out. The Way We Fall is nominated for the 2013 White Pine Award.


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