Review: The Chaperone

The Chaperone
Laura Moriarty
Riverhead Books

It is 1922 and Wichita housewife Cora Carlisle has just accepted a job as chaperone to fifteen-year-old Louise Brooks as she embarks on a summer in New York City study at the Denishawn dance school. Dealing with strong-willed Louise and her mercurial moods proves challenging, but Cora has her own reasons for coming to New York. She is on a mission to find answers to a question that has long been haunting her. But what she finds isn’t what she expected.

I really enjoyed travelling back in time to the flapper era for a glimpse at the girl who would go on to become an icon. While the career of Louise Brooks is chronicled throughout the book, though, this is really Cora’s story. While at first Cora seems like an ordinary Midwestern housewife, her past is full of secrets that come to life over the course of this compelling novel.


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