It’s been awhile

Wow! I had no idea it’s been over two months since I last updated this blog. Summer is a busy time, what can I say. I have been busy on not one but two book review committees, reading and reviewing young adult fiction and graphic novels for the Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s Best Books for Kids and Teens and young adult non-fiction for the upcoming Red Maple Award. Being on these committees is very Fight Club-esque in that the first rule of being on the committee is that you can’t talk about what you’re doing on said committee, since doing so would ruin the surprise for everyone else when the selections/award nominees are announced. So that hasn’t left me with a whole lot to blog about, even if I’d had time to write between reading all those books! Now that my volunteer workload is starting to lessen, I hope to find more time to blog.

The EarlyWord blog posted this article about libraries and ebooks. It seems some publishers are coming around to the idea that library patrons who borrow ebooks might actually be the same people who buy ebooks. Imagine that. Unfortunately, there are still some publishers who believe making their ebooks available to libraries will hurt their sales. Personally, if I couldn’t get a title through my library, I doubt I would run out and buy it….that’s what ILLOs are for. 🙂


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