Review: Glow

Amy Kathleen Ryan

Teens Waverly and Kieran live on a spaceship, part of a group of settlers travelling through space towards New Earth, where they will establish a colony, along with the passengers of their sister ship, the New Horizon. Waverly and Kieran plan to marry, but their happiness is interrupted when the New Horizon launches an attack on their ship. It turns out the women aboard the New Horizon are unable to have children, and so their leader, Anne Mather, abducts the girls of the Empyrean. With the adult killed or severely injured during the attack, it is up to Kieran and the rest of the boys to keep their ship running and try to rescue the girls, while aboard the New Horizon, Waverly plots her escape.

I wasn’t sure whether I could get into Glow at first. It seemed a little too sci-fi for me, but Ryan eventually won me over. The premise is certainly disturbing but also highly intriguing. Ryan keeps you anxiously flipping the pages to find out what happens next. Science fiction fans are sure to be entertained.


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