Review: Tilt by Alan Cumyn

Alan Cumyn
Groundwood Books
*Reviewed from Advance Reading Copy*

Stanley Dart’s world is full of chaos. His mother is constantly suffering from anxiety, his little sister lives in her own little world, and his father hasn’t been heard from in years. Stan is determined to make the varsity basketball team, but when Janine Igwash begins paying him attention, he becomes distracted. When Stan’s father shows up with Stan’s half brother in tow, all hell seems about to break loose.

I found it refreshing to read a YA book told from a male perspective. So many of the books I have read have female protagonists, so I would like to see more books aimed at boys. Stan’s troubles felt very real, from his chaotic home life to his raging hormones. Cumyn does a great job of taking the reader inside the mind of a teenage boy. Some of the content is a bit graphic, so this book would be more appropriate for older teens.



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