Review: Linger and Forever

Linger                                               Forever
Maggie Stiefvater                           Maggie Stiefvater
2010                                                   2011
Scholastic                                         Scholastic
978-0-545-12328-0                    978-0-545-25908-8

The follow-up to Shiver, Linger finds Sam firmly a human, but now Grace’s future is uncertain as she begins to fear that one day she will shift. Linger also introduces Cole St. Clair, famed musician turned werewolf. Chapters from Cole and Isabel’s points of view are interspersed with chapters from Sam and Grace. I found this a welcome change, since to me Isabel and Cole were much more interesting characters. This book felt very much like a second book in a trilogy – the main characters and plot are established but nothing much happens until the end, when it’s time to set up the finale.

In Forever, Grace is now the wolf while Sam is the human. Tom Culpeper, still angry over his son Jack’s death, wants to do an aerial hunt to eliminate all the wolves. Now, Sam, Grace, and Cole must come up with a plan to save the wolves. Meanwhile, Cole looks for a cure to keep them human. Of the three books in the trilogy, I liked this one the best by far. There was a lot more at stake, so the pacing was a bit quicker. We also got to see Cole and Isabel develop more and of course the romance between Sam and Grace is as endearing as it is tragic. I’m a fan of Stiefvater’s writing style and her ability to create believable characters even while writing in four different voices. I look forward to reading her newest novel, The Scorpio Races.


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