Review: Ashes, Ashes

Ashes, Ashes
Jo Treggiari

Sixteen-year-old Lucy has survived the plague, floods, and droughts that have killed her family and most of the population. Now, she survives on her own in the wilds of Central Park. When a mysterious boy named Aidan rescues her from a pack of hounds, she realizes she may not be able to survive on her own forever. After she joins Aidan and his camp of survivors, a group of Sweepers targets the camp, abducting several people to use for scientific experiments, and Lucy and Aidan set out to rescue their friends. What Lucy doesn’t realize is that there is something special about her the Sweepers want, and they will stop at nothing to get it.

With all the dystopian trilogies hitting the market, it was refreshing to read a novel that can stand on its own. I found the pacing a bit slow for my liking, especially early sections of the book describing Lucy’s camp and her daily workload at her new camp. The final third of the book was a lot more exciting, but I wish there had been more action throughout the novel. I did find Lucy to be a capable heroine, and the romance that develops between her and Aidan is sweet. Not my favourite dystopian read, but a decent choice for a stand-alone novel.



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