Review: Baby Proof

Baby Proof
Emily Giffin
St. Martin’s Press

Book editor Claudia and her architect husband, Ben, have agreed they don’t want kids. That is until one of them has a change of heart. Can they find a way to make their marriage work?


I have to say, I was disappointed with this book. I picked it up because I was curious to see how the author would resolve her characters’ dilemma. Claudia is adamant about not wanting children, yet as the novel progresses she realizes she really loves Ben, to the point that she would be willing to have a baby with him if that was what it took to get him back. I didn’t find Claudia’s change of heart very convincing. It seemed she was only open to having a baby in order to get back together with Ben, and I don’t think this is a solid reason to have a child. It would be one thing if Giffin had made me believe Claudia really did come around to the idea of motherhood and actually wanted a baby for herself, but it seemed she was just doing it to please Ben. When Claudia and Ben get back together at the end of the book, they don’t even resolve the issue that split them up in the first place. Claudia is still unsure whether she will be a mother someday. It seems to me that they could just as easily break up again since really, nothing has changed other than Claudia is at least willing to consider motherhood. If I were Ben I don’t know if that would be enough for me. The ending felt like a cop-out to me and kind of made the whole book feel like a waste of my time.



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