Review: Wither









Lauren De Stefano 

Simon & Schuster

Rhine Ellery knows she’ll die young. That’s because a failed attempt at creating a perfect human race has instead created a virus that prevents new generations of children from ever growing old. Men live until age 25, and women until 20. Young girls are captured and forced to become brides in polygamous marriages in an effort to breed more children. While scientists are working on an antidote, there is no cure in sight. When Rhine is kidnapped and forced to wed wealthy Linden Ashby, all she can think about is running away and reuniting with her twin brother, Rowan. Rhine quickly befriends Gabriel, one of the servants, and begins to plan her escape to freedom. But her father-in-law, Vaughn, a scientist supposedly working on a cure, has other ideas. Can Rhine break away and find her way back home?

I wasn’t sure if I was ready for yet another dystopian novel, but I thought the concept sounded interesting. What I liked about this novel was the relationship Rhine develops with her other two sister-wives. All three of them have different feelings about being captured and forced into marriage, but Rhine is able to find strength in the bond she develops with them. I also liked that Linden is not an evil character but rather a naive young man who’s been manipulated by his father. This made him more likeable, and in some ways I felt sorry for him for having his father control his life. Apparently this book is the first in a trilogy. I’m not sure how it will stretch over two more books but the second book, Fever, will be out in February. I look forward to reading it.






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