Review: Some Girls Are




Some Girls Are
Courtney Summers
St. Martin’s Griffin

Regina Afton used to be one of the popular girls at Hallowell High. But ever since rumours started circulating about her hooking up with her best friend Anna’s boyfriend, Donny, at a party, she’s been frozen out. The rumours aren’t true, but no one believes her. Regina forms an uneasy friendship with Michael, a loner whom she used to bully. But when Regina’s former friends start to target Michael, can Regina and Michael’s relationship survive?

I recently read Summers’s first novel, Cracked Up To Be, and loved it, so I was eager to read Some Girls Are. I was not disappointed. A lot of us endure some kind of bullying in our childhood and teen years, but my personal experiences were nowhere near as awful as Regina’s. The Mean Girls in this book are truly frightening, and it makes me wonder how many teens are dealing with similar situations every day. The fact that Regina is a former bully herself doesn’t prevent the reader from feeling sympathy for her. She’s a flawed character for sure, but she comes to realize her mistakes and regret being influenced so heavily by Anna. I also enjoyed Regina’s reluctance to back down. She stands up to her tormentors as best she can and her feelings for Michael are genuine. My only complaint about this book is that the ending felt a bit sudden. I didn’t find it as satisfying as I was expecting to. Maybe that’s what makes it more realistic, but after all the build-up I wanted a bit more. Overall, though, a compelling read.


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